I am Paul and this is where I connect it all. I grew up with the Internet and have been into decentralization since before I knew what that was… and have been in debt for nearly as long. This naturally led to my current project: understanding the future of wealth distribution that is cryptocurrency (yes, Bitcoin). I’m now 2/3rds through an MSc in it.

In my day-to-day life I work in treating chronic and referred muscle pain and in providing mental training for athletes, holding an MSc in sport psych, a BSc in biology, a massage diploma, a coaching certificate, and having written a thesis on trigger points.

Along the way I’ve lived throughout Canada and Central Europe, picking up conversational French and basic German on top of my native Polish. This all led to significant dabbling in genealogy, history, polyglotism, interculturalism, anthropology, understanding racism/sexism/global structures of injustice, and tinkering a lot with with FLOSS. This website is all that and more, soon. Until then, you can catch me on the decentralized web, volunteering at the aquarium, and teaching judo.

“Mobilis in mobili”

… why “spmx”? Sport Psychology and Mx (shorthand for “massage therapy”)… plus a nod to a classic webcomic : )