Degoogling Android

Degoogling Android

A talk explaining some theory and then the practical elements behind regaining control over your Android device at DCTRL in Vancouver last December. The key topic was how to remove as much Google and manufacturer bloatware from Android phones as possible while still maintaining a fully functioning device, based on my experiences tinkering with my Nexus 4 and OnePlus 3 over the past few years. Here’s the slide deck, event page (PDF), and the talk itself:

And here are the three videos mentioned in the talk, in order of appearance:

What is Rooting? Advantages of Rooting, Custom ROMS, Warranty – Everything You Need to Know (C4ETech: April 18, 2013)

What is MD5 and How to Check it-Cursed4Eva (C4ETech: April 28, 2012)

OnePlus 3 – How to Root (C4ETech: June 17, 2016)

How to Install Paranoid Android ROM on OnePlus 3 (OnePlus Exclusive: June 27, 2016)

And of course, bitcoin donations to DCTRL so a space continues existing for this type of work are very much appreciated: 38S5DBigqpNoVgLGh74555josX9vR5Kaxm

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