The EMSEP program

The EMSEP program

People often ask me why I moved all the way to Europe for grad school (“But doesn’t Canada have any good programs?”) and my replies are never really sufficient, always boiling down to something of an, “I can’t possibly imagine myself doing anything else right now in the whole, wide world”… and no one likes this vague optimism when they’re looking for a decent answer.

Well, I was recently interviewed for a project promoting the EU-sponsored series of higher education programs that is Erasmus Mundus, and the resulting video finally properly answers this question. It neatly encapsulates all my excitement and vigour regarding the European Master’s in Sport & Exercise Psychology that I am now halfway done across Trikala, Greece and Leipzig, Germany, while also providing ample justification for why I am here, and why exactly I couldn’t possibly be doing anything better with my life right now.

More on some of our Leipzig lecturers: Peter Schneider, Jean Côté, Anthony Watt, Martin Hagger, Alan Smith, Judy Van Raalte (1, 2), Stephanie Hanrahan (1, 2), Robert Weinberg, Kimberley Dawson, and Paul Wright.

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