Top flight sites

Top flight sites

Here’s a quick reference of the best sites I use for finding cheap flights, in order of preference:

  1. rome2rio: Hands down the best one. It not only shows you the cheapest flights between destinations, it also factors in everything else like buses/trains/taxis/ferries — and leaves you with a very solid budget for your complete trip.
  2. Skyscanner: Worth a peek just to compare with the above.
  3. Google Flights: Great for visually showing how flight prices change over time, but doesn’t support important locations such as Greece (yet).
  4. FlightHub: Like Skyscanner only not as good a user interface.

If you’re specifically looking at travel from Canada, these are worth a visit (beware luggage and cancellation limits with Air Transat):

  1. Air Transat: Europe direct.
  2. Air Transat: Athens/Istanbul direct.
  3. Air Transat: Europe one-way.
  4. Chris Myden shares great, random deals to all over the world from all of Canada’s major cities. Go to his site, click the “From other cities” tab, select your city, then sign up for its mailing list. Or just visit his Facebook page.

I have also used Allegiant Air for very cheap Washington-Hawaii tickets ($400 return!), and have been recommended but haven’t yet used the following sites:

  1. From Poland (in Polish): Fly4free and Loter.
  2. Within Europe: easyJet, Darwin Airline, and obviously Ryanair.
  3. All over: Matrix Airfare Search and Red Tag.

Lastly, I highly recommend flying with WestJet here in America, especially within Canada. They have customer service that blows anything you’ve ever experienced out of the water and they have a credit card you can use for even greater discounts. I’ve saved over a thousand dollars flying with them the past year alone, over $600 of which happened since getting their credit card not six months ago.

I’ll update this as I can; please let me know of any resources you love!

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