All fees include all applicable tax and most are eligible for a 10% discount when paying with cryptocurrency.


  • Registered Massage Therapy: $115/hr at New Westminster Massage Therapy outside Vancouver, BC. I specialize in clinical work, particularly in treating chronic muscle pain and myofascial trigger points.
  • Performance Psychology consulting: $100/hr for business/personal growth.
  • Sport Psychology consulting: $50/hr for athletes/musicians/actors for work in their field, discounted because these performers generally already understand the basics and have already-strained pockets.
  • Sport Psychology training: $500 for five hour-long sessions, including diagnostics, training plan formation & revision throughout, and access to three months of followups as needed.
  • Workshop delivery on any of the above: $500/2 hrs + travel expenses if over $50; 50% discount for schools (eg: trigger point treatment tuorial, an ad hoc massage workshop during graduate school).


Bitcoin & cryptocurrency consulting: $200/hr, with a 50% discount for journalists and artists who want to learn about earning cryptocurrency directly by sharing their work on platforms like Steemit, LBRY, Yours, Synereo, and OpenBaazar. For introductory sessions 3h are recommended. Sampler: a recent Bitcoin 101 workshop.

Build your own website: $1000 + travel expenses if over $100 (+ $200 to install and explain Matomo analytics, optional). We will make your first website together and I will teach you everything as we go along, from WordPress basics (the most popular website management system out there), to securing your website, to installing custom plugins that can do everything from managing newsletters to publishing content right to your social media accounts. This includes 5h of follow-up sessions if/as needed for three months following our session. This service is best for small businesses and personal blogs. Note: I do not simply make the website for you; we make a day of it and do it together so you learn how things work and can do it all yourself later.

Smart smartphone use consulting: $100/hr, with 2h sessions generally recommended. Topics covered include privacy/security, safe app use, a discussion on app-driven productivity, and the basics behind rooting your device and regaining control over it as needed; all this with a focus on free and open source software. Note: this does not include rooting your device. Sampler: a recent Degoogling Android workshop.

Workshop delivery on any of the above: $1000/2 hrs, plus travel expenses if over $50, plus $100 for every additional person present beyond 10 (workshops work best with 20 people or fewer); 50% discount for schools.