All fees include all applicable tax and can be paid via credit, debit, cash, cheque, or cryptocurrency.

Massage therapy: $115/h at New Westminster Massage Therapy near Vancouver, BC. I specialize in clinical work, particularly in chronic muscle pain, frozen shoulder, nerve compressions (eg: sciatica, carpal tunnel, pronator teres, thoracic outlet, numbness or coldness in the hands or forearms), and myofascial trigger points, including tension headaches and other pain that shows up as a “patch” in various areas of the body (eg: behind the hamstring or knee, into the glute or low back, between the shoulder blades). I am an RMT registered with the CMTBC so receipts are redeemable with insurance. I direct-bill Pacific Blue Cross and am setting myself up for the other major insurance firms shortly.

Performance psychology: $100/session (usually ~1h) throughout Metro Vancouver, as well as via video conferencing and over the phone. I hold a dual-MSc in Sport Psychology from the universities of Leipzig (Germany) and Thessaly (Greece), and have completed internships with Gdańsk Sport University’s international-level rowing squad (Poland) and with Douglas College’s golf and men’s soccer teams (Canada). I am a member of FEPSAC and a student member of the CSPA, and am currently an instructor with the Vancouver Police Judo Club. I am developing a pretty rich resource toolbox from work in this field, worth a visit if you want to get a feel for what this work is all about.

I also offer cryptocurrency and general internet consulting ($100/h), focusing on social networking and on the growing movement that is free and open source software (so more on the social and not financiotechnical fronts). I hold an MSc in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia (Cyprus), I write for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences’ Institute of Network Cultures, and I have been a member of Vancouver’s DCTRL hackerspace for over five years, where we are currently building an autonomous community management and payment software using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and running over Tor.

Workshops on any of the above are available for $500/h. Recent topics include explaining myofascial trigger points and Bitcoin, degoogling an Android phone, and outlining how I manage my professional clinical and financial records.

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