Clinical & tax records

Clinical & tax records

Clinical records & trends

This is how I keep my clinical records organized and local (here’s nicer but there’s a playlist too). Remember kids: there is no cloud, it’s just someone else’s computer. If you prefer the document without macros you can get it here, and then add these macros to it. If you don’t understand what that last sentence means then this is the file for you. I’ll say this right now though, the safer approach would be to download the one without macros and then insert the macros yourself. That way you know the code and can verify that it’s doing what it ought to. I am uploading a safe file but cannot take responsibility if someone redirects the file address to something malicious and you download that instead. Here’s a quick video on how to reassemble your spreadsheet using the first two links above for the careful, followed by two videos on how I manage my treatments as a whole, as well as the extra metrics I’ve added in over the years to spot various trends:

Patient archive & statistics

These next three videos show how I keep a patient archive, how I create annual summaries of my financial and time stats related to my work, and some final thoughts on the finances underpinning my past decade of work in this field:

Income tax budgeting

These last three videos pertain to this tax budgeting spreadsheet (again, here’s the macro-less one for the careful, along with the macros it needs):

And the best bit about this whole project? The documents you create are safely stored wherever you want them, and not on someone else’s servers goodness knows where, goodness knows under what jurisdiction, and privy to what kind of access. Happy organizing!

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